Personalized Learning is very popular nowadays. But there is a lot of Speculations, Chaos, and Hype about it. It is still ill-defined Art, not yet well-defined Science. 

For upgrading this Art up to the Science, we applied Wisdom of Interdisciplinary Methodology and Systems Approach, Order of Exact Sciences, Power of Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Tutoring Solutions, and Findings of Learning Sciences. On this rock-solid foundation, we have defined a scientific model of Adaptive Personalized Deep Learning as a general scalable framework/engine for its specific applications in practice.

For easy mass implementation of our solution we developed a cloud technological platform CLARITY.


Adaptive Personalized Deep Learning-Tutoring-Authoring Platform


CLARITY stands for Clarified Learning-Authoring and Reliable Intelligent Tutoring for You.


CLARITY is the only cost-effective cloud/AI-based Platform of the Next Generation – eLearning 3.0 – for:
  1. A simple unified modular representation of any specific learning Content with a general Activity Framework/Network;
  2. Visual Rapid Design of any specific learning Content by filling in the blanks and by extending (in depth, width, and height) of the general Activity Framework/Network;
  3. Visual Dynamic representation of Learner’s Proficiency Profile, Adaptive Parameters, and Preferences. Visible Learning;
  4. Automatic real-time Planning and Running of the most Effective, Dynamically Adaptive, Competence-Based, Engaging, and Gamified Personalized Deep Learning and Tutoring;
  5. Assuring Learning Success by automatic Adaptive Assessment, Root-Cause Diagnosing, and Deep Remediation of learning problems from their Roots;
  6. Automated improvement of the learning Content based on learning histories, Machine Learning, and Big Data analytics;
  7. A simple and easy adoption by seamless integration with a customers’ LMSs via standard LTI spec..



  • one of many conflicting superficial approaches, theories, paradigms, and poor practices, such as static “personalized pathways”. CLARITY imposes an Order of exact Sciences on the existing Chaos of Personalized Learning;
  • one more Patch for fixing the existing obsolete education system. CLARITY is a holistic, effective, extensible, globally scalable, yet non-disruptive solution allowing an easy and smooth adoption;
  • one more Learning Management System (LMS) for connecting teachers and students with courses and grade books. No LMS has adaptive deep learning functionality by itself. But CLARITY can be seamlessly connected with your LMS as an external tool. It facilitates a smooth integration of traditional classroom teaching (supported by LMS) with innovative Adaptive Personalized Deep Learning (supported by CLARITY);


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