Confused and tired of the Chaos of Soft Learning Sciences, Instructional Design Approaches, Principles, Heuristics and growing Hype? Relax now! We imposed an Order of Exact Sciences (Ontology, Model, Method, Algorithm) on this Chaos. This Order will bring to you a certainty, simplicity, and unification of learning Design; assurance of clarity, relevancy, and integrity of Content; automation of the efficient/effective Adaptive Personalized Learning Process, and Every Learner Success.

What is Wrong with our Education?

Dimensions of Systemic Transformation

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Adaptive Personalized Learning-Authoring Platform CLARITY

CLARITY stands for Clarified Learning-Authoring and Reliable Intelligent Tutoring for You.
CLARITY makes “Every Student Succeeds” dream comes true.


CLARITY is a content-independent cloud/AI-based Platform of the Next Generation, eLearning 3.0, for:
  1. a simple unified representation of any specific learning Content within a general Activity Framework;
  2. representing complex Content as a Network of simple Units, each represented with the Activity Framework;
  3. supporting visual Rapid Design of any specific Content by filling in the blanks of the Activity Frame/Network;
  4. dynamic visual representation of Learner’s Proficiency, current values of Adaptive parameters, and Preferences;
  5. automatic Planning, Assessment, and Generating of the most Effective, Dynamically Adaptive, Competence-Based, and Gamified Personalized Learning;
  6. providing High Success Rate, assured by embedded Adaptive Testing, Root-Cause Diagnosing (generating those exciting Aha moments), and Remediation of learning problems from their Roots;
  7. supporting the systematic improvement of the Content by users based on their experience and Big Data analytics.



  • one of many conflicting approaches, theories, paradigms, and poor practices, such as “personalized pathways”. CLARITY imposes an Order of exact Sciences on the Chaos of Personalized Learning;
  • one more Patch for fixing the existing obsolete education system. CLARITY is a holistic globally scalable yet non-disruptive solution allowing a smooth adoption;
  • one more Learning Management System (LMS) for connecting teachers and students with courses and grade books. No LMS has adaptive learning functionality by itself. But CLARITY can be seamlessly connected with your LMS as an external tool. It facilitates a smooth integration of traditional classroom teaching (supported by LMS) with innovative Adaptive Personalized Learning (no disruption is required);


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