Our Adaptive Deep Learning-Authoring Platform empowers and provide significant benefits to all its potential users.

For Authors

No more chaos, mess, and headache of heuristic ad hoc authoring. Authoring job is clarified, simplified, unified, formalized, automated and accelerated. Authors finally get crystal clarity and help during specific Content/Experience Design of any complexity. On this unified basis, authors can communicate, collaborate and perfect Content much more productively. Authors do not need anymore to design any run-time scripts, scenarios, personalized pathways, …. The Tutoring Engine does it in run-time, faster and better. READ MORE

For Learners

All learners will enjoy Content/Experience clearly represented in the unified holistic easy-to-grasp form. Each learner can see her current proficiency through objectives, get informed/engaged, and drive her own learning succesfully. A learner can also get intelligent personal recommendations for self-learning or (if she prefers) direct assignments on what to do next. As a result, a learner herself defines a personal level of tutoring supervision and can learn how to learn better. Successful learners may master the next high-level (analytic, creative ) skills by using our Authoring Tool for analysis of existing Content and Rapid improvement of existing or design of new one. READ MORE

For Educators

Educators (teachers, instructors, professors) may significantly simplify and empower their hard work. Indeed, the platform provides each student in the class with a cyber-Assistant to do routine teaching/tutoring. It saves a lot of teacher’s time for overseeing the class work, for personal help to weak and strong students.  Teachers can see current proficiency of the entire class and get necessary reports on demand. Teachers are always welcome to improve/update Content: it is made easy with our Authoring Tool.

For Organizations

Organizations will enjoy our All-In-One platform with a full-fledged functionality covering rapid-to-serious Needs Analysis, revealing professional Competencies,  Needs/Job/Competence-aligned Design of Content/Experience, embedded Quality Assurance, outsource-able interactive multimedia Development, and the most Effective, Automatically Generated, Dynamically Adaptive, Competence-Based, Personalized Deep Learning. The old dream of effective knowledge accumulation and sharing within an organization comes true. READ MORE

For Society

The platform allows solving the Crisis in Education caused by the Huge Gap between the Exponential Growth of Human Knowledge and the obsolete and ineffective factory-based model of Education. Indeed, our Platform teaches novice-learners low-level (know, know how, show how, and do) skills by implementing the most effective Intelligent Tutoring Engine loaded with the unified Content. After completion, the growing crowd of successful learners may continue with learning high-level (analysis and creative) skills by authoring new unified Content (for new novice-learners) with our Authoring Tool.

So, the unified Content and Learning will grow Exponentially in pace with the Exponential Growth of Human Knowledge! It will close that Huge Gap. Nobody will be left behind. It means that our technology can make our world a better place.

Mass personalized education will help build the better world! You want to live in the better word, are not you? Now you can help build it: just spread the word, make a link, share this website, and make it viral. Can you do it? Thank you so much!


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