Confused and tired of the Chaos, Muddy Waters, and growing Hype about Adaptive Personalized Learning?

Relax now!

We imposed an Order of Exact Sciences (Ontology, Model, Method, Algorithm) on that Chaos. This Order will bring to you a certainty, simplicity, and unification of Adaptive Personalized Learning Design; assurance of clarity, relevancy, and integrity of Content; automation of the efficient/effective Adaptive Personalized Learning Process, and Every Learner Success.

At iTutorSoft, we provide consulting services and partner with

  • Content Providers:
    • digital text/task-book publishers,
    • content vendors as well as
    • free-lance authors and instructional designers;
  • Learning Providers:
    • education (schools, colleges, universities) and
    • training organizations and
    • freelance tutors and educators
  • Organizations performing in-house:
    • analysis, change, and optimization of organizational and professional activities
    • learning, professional development, and job support
    • content design & development
  • Users/vendors of LMSs for connecting with CLARITY via IMS LTI standard.

The CLARITY platform and iTutorSoft services will benefit all of you.

One of our partners, Core Learning Exchange,  already distributes “the right lessons with the right students at the right time … with ease”.

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