At iTutorSoft, we believe in partnerships. When we combine your organization’s experts with our expertise, platform, and services, we’re able to produce amazing results and impact your Return On Investment.

We partner with:

  • Content Providers:
    • digital text/task-book publishers,
    • content vendors as well as
    • free-lance authors and instructional designers;
  • Learning Providers:
    • education (schools, colleges, universities),
    • training organizations and tutoring companies, such as BestTutorForSchool, and
    • freelance tutors and educators
  • Organizations performing in-house:
    • analysis, change, and optimization of organizational and professional activities,
    • learning content design & development and
    • learning, professional development, and job support.

We help you seamlessly integrate your LMS with our CLARITY platform via IMS LTI standard.

We also used to work on the international level with many organizations and individuals on developing international e-learning standards. Particularly, we have participated in developing SCORM and TinCan/xAPI. Now we work in the IEEE IC Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering (ICICLE), specifically at *The AI and Adaptive Technologies SIG*,  which supports the community of Learning Engineering professionals interested in implementing AI and adaptive technologies within learning systems. 

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