The best eLearning for students with disabilities

This is my extended comment on the post “Celebrating World Autism Awareness Month: How Does eLearning Empower Students With Disabilities?

The best eLearning for students with disabilities is supposed to be Adaptive Personalized eLearning. It is getting popular nowadays. But because human learning processes, in general, are extremely complex, not directly observable, and controllable, there is a lot of guesswork, improvisation, chaos, and hype about it. It is still an ill-defined and error-prone Art, not yet distilled, structured, and integrated with well-defined, coherent, and quality-assuring Science.

To make it happen, we at iTutorSoft, applied Wisdom of Interdisciplinary Methodology and Systems Approach, Systems, Activity, Communication, and Control Theories, and AI to empirical findings of soft Learning Sciences, Instructional Design, many specific EdTech innovations, and best practices.

For the mass implementation of our solution in education, training, and professional development with any desired depth (macro-micro-nano), accuracy, adaptivity, efficacy, media, and scale, we have developed the cloud/AI-based Adaptive Learning/Engineering Platform. This globally available platform enforced with our close Services allows educators and learners to succeed in a cost-effective way. It is ready to help all learners, especially learners with disabilities.


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