Games in Education

It is a good idea to use existing games to help teach your content. There are plenty of off the shelf games available, both educational and commercial. The CLARITY allows easy linking its Learning Tasks with Games.

Gamification of Education

Existing content can be made more effective by introducing game-based elements: clear goals, achievement points, the minimum score on tests, incentives for completing a course, or scoring highest. This gives a lot of push for learning. The CLARITY implements such game elements making a learning process an achievement game.

Game based elements can also be built within the learning platform, providing the required push for learning across all learning content that resides on the platform. A gamified platform has features like badges or levels that the learners attain, points that can be accumulated, leader boards, and even social integration. Such game elements are implemented in Moodle LMS connected with the CLARITY.


Everybody would agree: an ideal education as a whole should be an exciting game, which transforms participants into knowledgeable and creative persons, right?

  1. But existing education is mostly about providing basic/legacy knowledge and teaching how to apply this knowledge in practice. Educators test learners, score their progress, give feedback,… Let it be the 1st level of the education game.
  2. Educators should go farther and inspire learners to find/create subjectively new knowledge, to test new knowledge by themselves, fail, find roots of failure, remedy knowledge, test again and so on and so forth until success. Let it be the 2nd level of the game.
  3. Learners, having that wild experience on level 2, are supposed to organize it (with the help of educators) and learn how to learn (teach themselves) better. Success of these learners means they achieved goals of the 3rd level of the game.
  4. Then learners, experienced in teaching themselves, have to try teaching others, novice learners, let them achieve levels 1-3 of the education game. Success of the novice-learners means that teacher-learners achieved goals of the 4th level of the game.

You got the idea: the Ideal Education Game grows as a snowball developing creative persons who develop other creative persons, who in their turn… This Education Game will propel humanity to another level!

CLARITY makes this dream come true with its Learning-Tutoring-Authoring loops.

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Mass personalized gamified education will help build the better world! You want to live in the better word, are not you? Now you can help build it: just spread the word, make a link, share this website, and make it viral. Thank you so much!

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