At iTutorSoft, we believe that everyone can achieve greatness. We use science and technology to ensure sound design, deep adaptation, and high success of learning. iTutorSoft was created to be the leading provider of a cloud/AI-based Adaptive Deep Learning-Authoring Platform for Personalized Education available globally.


Just because human knowledge grows exponentially while the education stuck in the medieval age, we need a new model of education growing exponentially to catch up with the knowledge economy. READ MORE


It is known fact: big established companies are rarely innovative. We are a new startup based on a mature foundation of 3 decades of research, development, and implementation in the field of Adaptive Testing, Root-Cause Diagnosing, Intelligent Remediation and Tutoring, Adaptive Learning and Intelligent Learning Management. READ MORE


Our Adaptive Deep Learning-Authoring CLARITY Platform is a BREAKTHROUGH in modern instructional design and delivery of adaptive deep learning for blended personalized education. It offers a new culture, general model, unified framework, authoring tool and run-time tutoring engine for building and running modern learning ecosystems to cope with EXPONENTIALLY growing human knowledge. READ MORE


In contrast to a plenty of known heuristic, ad hoc, and empirical approaches, we based our intelligent tutoring model upon a solid foundation of interdisciplinary general theories.

  • We generalized Content representation with a unified Human Activity framework allowing to recursively build Content Hierarchies
  • We developed a unified Authoring Tool for visual rapid and serious design of Content of any complexity in any subject domain
  • We developed a unified run-time Tutoring Engine, which automatically interacts with a learner, monitors her performance, updates her proficiency profile, and gently recommends the best next Tasks/Activities for a Learner’s choice.
  • We implement user’s evaluations and known machine learning techniques for endless improvement of Adaptive Courseware. READ MORE


It is amazing that the essence of ill-defined pedagogical knowledge can be represented with a simple pattern of General Systems Theory. We have revealed such a simple pattern/framework/ontology for systematic representation of content, experience, and knowledge of any complexity on any level of detail. Our approach allows creating so named Fractal Models of content, experience, and knowledge. READ MORE


Games in Education! Gamification of Education! Everybody would agree: an ideal education should be a game, which develops knowledgeable creative persons, right? Right, but it is only a part of the big picture. READ MORE


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