7K0A0426wBenefits for our Customers, Learning Providers:

  • Schools, Colleges, Companies and other Learning providers will enjoy All-In-One platform for the most effective Automatically Generated Dynamically Adaptive Personalized Learning.
  • Educators/Instructors may select ready-made Content, easily adjust its content and style according to learners’ current needs
  • They may use our embedded HTML editor as well as many 3rd party interactive multimedia tools for Content developing and adjusting
  • Embedded manual cross-evaluation of Content by all stakeholders, as well as automatic self-improvement of Content based on Big Data of learning, closes the loop of systematic improvement of Content
  • Novice Learners will use our Instructional Engine for the most effective one-on-one learning possible
  • Expert Learners will be able to use our Authoring Tool for learning high-level analytic/creative skills by rapid analysis and design of blueprint Content for novice learners.
  • Closing a loop of “design-learn-design” creates an exponential snowball-like effect in Adaptive Content  Growth and learning.

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7K0A0501wBenefits for our Partners, Content Providers:

  • Content Vendors and Publishers, you can produce Content for our Instructional Engine, which generates the most effective personally Adaptive Learning targeted on 100% success.
  • Your creativity and productivity can be much empowered with our online Authoring Tool.


According to Mark Rosenberg, three key “failures” of training have to be avoided:

  • Failure to meet new expectations for what training should do
  • Failure to show business value
  • Failure to recognize the changing economics of the training function

“Companies today want training to go beyond task-based instruction. For example, companies are asking training to change attitudes about diversity, to shape organizational culture, and to develop leadership and innovation capabilities, all of which are harder to define or anticipate, much less train. The problem is that training’s ability to accomplish these more elusive objectives, and demonstrate verifiable results, has lagged way behind new expectations.

Today, with millions of dollars paid to outsource service providers, technology firms, and external courseware suppliers, along with the significant increase in infrastructure costs to deliver eLearning programs, senior leaders, especially business unit heads and CIOs, are taking notice, demanding more justification and rightly asking whether the investment might be better spent elsewhere.”

Our Adaptive Learning-Authoring Platform clarifies muddy waters of training and offers effective solutions to avoid the above and many other failures. It represents a core of future Learning Ecosystems.

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