IMG_3289wBenefits for Novice Learners:

The platform serves Novice Learners with the following basic functionality:

  • Secure registration, recording their personal preferences, ability to search/browse the course library
  • Offering many courses to choose from, secure online payment, providing receipts and certificates upon completion,
  • Launching a course from our cloud or from your LMS,
  • Monitoring and identifying real Performance of the current Task,
  • Providing Feedback on Performance,
  • Assessing current Proficiency through Objectives,
  • Providing Feedback on Proficiency,
  • Opportunity to rate and comment on quality of Tasks, Activities, Courses for their further improvement
  • Communicating with peers, experts and educators via social networks

The Instructional Engine drives each learner to achieving all 100% of Learning Objectives by the more effective way:

  • Displays a holistic view of the entire curriculum, course, lesson, …
  • Lets a learner to navigate, browse and learn on her own, the engine displays current proficiency, you can adjust settings, adaptive values, quit, resume,
  • Supports informal learning by accepting external Tasks performances (and xAPI statements) and updating the internal proficiency profile of the learner
  • May work in a passive (not interventional) way by accepting control from external sources:  learner, teacher, another engine, game, … and intervening only if an external intervention is harmful or not effective at all
  • Displays dynamic proficiency of the learner through learning objectives of current learning Activity. It makes learning process more like a game and raises learner’s engagement.
  • Displays Objectives currently targeted by a Learning Activity, Learning or Assessment Task. It makes clear important relations: why to perform it and what it is for.
  • Automatically generates a complete set of instructional functionality assuring 100% learning success:
    • Recommends the Learner a mode of instruction (learning, testing) to be more proficient, though a learner may over-ride it anytime.
    • Recommends the Learner the next Task/Activity to better meet the learning objectives, a learner may over-ride it anytime
    • Generates adaptive root-cause Diagnosing and precisely focused Remediation of learning problems, which prevents frequent dead-end cycles in the learning process.
  • Drives the most successful and effective learning of even complex Content (which is not achievable by human teachers using the same resources)
  • As a byproduct, the tutoring engine demonstrates and teaches the learner “how to learn = teach yourself”  better,
  • Systematically improves Content based upon learners’ ratings, comments and big data of learning history.

IMG_3310wBenefits for Successful/Expert Learners:

The platform supports Successful/Expert Learners with the same standard functionality as Novice Learners for learning new activities. In addition, the Authoring Tool of the platform provides them with the unique opportunity to advance their learning up to high-level analytic and creative skills by rapid authoring of Activities on their own under supervision of experts and/or educators.

During analytic and creative skills learning with our Authoring Tool, the Learners may play a role of:

  • Analysts for deeper learning
  • Designers for creative learning
  • Developers for creating usable products (and entrepreneurial skills).

Rush to our Adaptive Personalized Courses.


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