• one of many specific approaches, theories, paradigms, technologies or practices. CLARITY is the forest behind these trees
  • one more Patch for fixing the existing obsolete education system. CLARITY is a holistic globally scalable yet non-disruptive solution.
  • one more Learning Management System (LMS) for connecting teachers and students with courses and grade books. No LMS has adaptive learning functionality by itself. But CLARITY can be connected with your LMS as an external tool to author and run adaptive personalized courses. It facilitates a smooth integration of traditional LMS with innovative Adaptive Learning (no disruption)
  • a micro-learning toy (as in Coursemos), but CLARITY can aggregate micro-learning toys into serious courses in the right way
  • one more Video Presentation + Drill and Practice + Scoring system (as Khan Academy)
  • about “Differentiated Instruction” manually pre-planned by teachers for groups of “similar” learners
  • about that “Personalized Learning” by filling out your personal Gaps, detected during traditional pre-testing (as in DreamBox platform)
  • offering authors to do enormous and error-prone job of manual pre-scripting Content/Test/Feedback for “personal” delivery to learners, depending of their performance (as it is in regular CBT, DreamBox)
  • offering authors to do enormous and error-prone job of writing specific rules “Conditions-> Actions” for sequencing Content/Test/Feedback items for each new course, lesson,… and rewriting them again for another one (as in Smart Sparrow platform)
  • offering “Personalized Recommendations” for options learners would like, based upon their earlier choices or what others have viewed or bought (as it is done in Amazon, Netflix,…) See an article: Why we don’t need a “Netflix for Education”.
  • providing a static “Personalized Path” through concepts, which was good for other, similar learners (as in early Knewton platform). Can you imagine a complex unreliable iterative process of constructing a personal holistic experience as just going from one concept to another? This approach ignores probes, mistakes, misconceptions, remediation, iterations, as well as tacit knowledge, relations, and integrity of learning experience and knowledge. All of them are covered with CLARITY
  • about updating a static “Personalized Pathway” through concepts/content (as other vendors do). CLARITY breaks any one-way Personalized Path into many-ways adaptive testing, learning from mistakes, adaptive root-causes diagnosing (generating those exciting Ah-ha moments). These CLARITY features are beyond any update-able one-way Personalized Path.
  • Neural Networks which need very long training for adequate simulating tutoring behavior
  • closing the doors to Content upgrade and integration, using interactive simulations, games, virtual and augmented reality, …
  • taking away your freedom to analyze needs and define learning objectives; architect, design and update your Content/Test/Feedback items; define parameters of instructional decision-making and style
  • trying to replace human teachers. Instead CLARITY empowers teachers with help of cyber-tutors
  • trying to replace human tutors. Instead CLARITY empowers human tutors by providing them with current proficiency profiles and recommendations on what to do next. It automates and may scale tutor’s work to serve learners globally.

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