Andrew J. Polcha, Founder & CEO at WORLDPIPE,

I had the opportunity to learn and use in depth, the iTutorSoft platform. I was amazed with its inherent functionality which focuses on “visible” learning. It is my belief that if every teacher within every classroom could augmented their curriculum(s) with iTutorSoft; schools could ensure a higher rate of student success. iTutorSoft is a next generation e-learning platform that has the potential of assisting every student, teacher and school resulting in higher test scores. 

Vladimir Rotkin, Course Author

Being engaged in the system of automated development of training courses, I was faced with the following problem. Although the system generated significant amounts of high-quality educational content, the process of forming an adaptive course from this content turned out to be very complex and time-consuming. The iTutorSoft platform turned out to be for me and my colleagues the missing link that allowed us to comprehend and structure complex material, to develop an elegant multi-level course “Coordinate Plane”, which students easily and permanently assimilated when working on the platform. The methodology for generating educational content developed by us perfectly combines with the platform’s capabilities and can significantly simplify the development of exercises and reliable tests in many academic disciplines for all other authors of the platform.  It would be desirable that, along with paid access, there should be more free access, both for course authors and students.

Eva Zadorozny, Instruction and Game Designer

ITutorSoftis a user-friendly system with an intuitive, yet versatile interface. It allows to create enticing interactive courses that comfortably adapt to the student’s desired level of engagement. In this student-centered approach, the student chooses if he/she wants a quick glance or a deeper dive into the educational material. That amounts to a valuable personalized educational experience, offering a breadth of conversational possibilities in multiple difficulty levels. ITutorSoftplatform greatly facilitates the creating of such computer-adaptive courses, because it conveniently organizes the structure of the course and offers a great potential for testing of intermediate products. You can run the course as a developer, or in testing mode that simulates the student’s experience, so any logical or structural errors are quickly resolved and fairly rare. Using the platform is extremely rewarding, because the educator with little to no programming knowledge can already produce an intricate, beautiful course tailored to the student’s demands and rich in explanatory aids. Depending on the student’s style of learning(visual, auditory, action-based), the educator may supply the course with excellent-quality graphics, sound files and explanatory materials. The software even accommodatesthese different types of learners, if different types of explanations populate the branches (are put in the nodes) of the lesson’s chapter, identifying the student’s learning style and following-up with respective learning materials and questions. To summarize, creating computer-adaptive courses with ITutorSoftis fairly easy and extremely rewarding – you will see the results quickly, and the students will enjoy a valuable educational experience! 

Richard Stodart, artist and author,

The iTutorSoft Adaptive Learning Platform works effectively to train people to understand a system under study and to test their knowledge of the system until it is fully grasped.  Working with the iTutorSoft Adaptive Learning Platform not only made the complex system of thought I wanted to present more accurate and transparent, but it also gave me feedback on how to better express my system in a more comprehensible way. I highly recommend Vlad’s iTutorSoft Adaptive Learning Platform to individuals or corporations who wish to optimize an understanding of their systems for use by others.

Dr. Michael Rachkovsky, President of Screen Mentor.

Dr. Vlad Goodkovsky, CEO of iTutorSoft led the development of an extremely effective AI-based educational system that has two main advantages: (1) it is able to identify the root causes of students’ misunderstandings or gaps of knowledge and (2) it is domain independent, i.e. the system can be used for teaching any subject. You can see an example on how iTutorSoft works here

Terrance Melcher, artist, designer, entrepreneur

I have been working with Vlad for many years and used the last 2 versions of his online authoring-tutoring platform. I got amazed with their clear and rapid design, courseware quality verification, powerful tutoring functionality, learning visualization, transforming learning into an engaging achievement game, root-cause diagnosing, root-focused remediation, all ensuring a high learning success rate. Together we created 6 adaptive courses in different domains (health care, wellness, management, poker) and used them for evaluation and demonstration of adaptive/intelligent tutoring to potential clients. We generated interest of such organization as a Maryland Fire Department, AOL, Elsevier Science, … I would recommend his platform for wide implementation in schools, universities, and enterprises. It is a future of eLearning.