7K0A0426wwill enjoy our All-In-One platform with a full-fledged functionality, covering

  • automated visual rapid-to-serious Jobs/Tasks Analysis and revealing professional Competencies,
  • Job/Task/Competence-aligned Instructional Design based on unified Activity Framework with embedded Quality Assurance,
  • interactive multimedia template-supported Development (which may be outsourced to a 3rd party) and
  • the most effective Automatically Generated, Competence/Proficiency-Based, Dynamically Adaptive Personalized Learning (seamlessly integrated with your own LMS). What else to dream about?

In Academy:

Our online Authoring Tool, including the general Activity Framework to be filled in with specific Content of lessons and courses,

  • allows representing Content of each Lesson in the context of a Course. The course can be represented in the context of its discipline, specialty, etc, … as well as in the context of professional, organizational, social and other Activities. It allows educators to be architects of their Content, to integrate and specify it and be able to answer “Why & What For” questions of their students,
  • allows representing Content of each lesson in a general clear structured framework, which is beneficial for quick grasping, detecting gaps and deficiencies, and providing quality assurance,
  • represents each lesson as a set of cross-related Objectives, learning Activities, learning and testing Tasks, expected Performances, and Feedback. These concepts are native for all educators and do not need much introduction,
  • allows educators to easily update, change or extend Content, change parameters of the instructional style,
  • allows educators to be analysts, architects, and authors of their own Content.

Our online Instructional Engine, including the general Activity Framework filled in with specific Content and the particular Learner Profile,

  • represents a teaching cyber-Assistant (an iTutor) able to personally work with a particular learner up to achieving all the Objectives of the Lesson predefined by the Author/Educator. The Educator may have such a personal Assistant for each student of her class, assign the same specific Lesson to all learners as well as a specific Lesson to each particular student,
  • liberates always overloaded and hard-working Educators from routine work and allows focusing on working with slow students (who stuck in the lesson) or fast learners (who already completed their lessons and want more challenge),
  • allows integrating personal proficiency of the students and presenting:
    • a current proficiency of the entire class through the same lesson or course, as well as,
    • common roots of frequent learning problems to be specifically addressed in the lesson,
  • liberates overloaded educators from detailed learning analytics, which may be good for researchers, but not for practitioners,
  • generates reports on demand.

In Industry:

  • The old dream of effective knowledge accumulation and sharing within an organization for job support and learning on the job come true,
  • Analysts may use our Authoring Tool for strategic Analysis of organizational and professional activities, defining organizational Goals and professional Competencies,
  • Designers may use our Authoring Tool for rapid-to-serious design of blueprint Content, early test-drive and perfection of blueprint Content precisely aligned to organizational Goals and professional Competencies,
  • Often blueprint Content is good enough for internal knowledge accumulation and sharing in an organization
  • Developers may use our embedded media Editor as well as 3rd party interactive multimedia tools for transforming blueprint Content into more authentic learning experiences based upon available analysis results,
  • Educators/Instructors may also reuse available Content, easily adjust its content and style according to learners’ current needs
  • Embedded manual cross-evaluation of Content by all stakeholders, as well as automatic self-improvement of Content based on Big Data of learning histories, close the loop of systematic improvement of Organization’s Knowledge,
  • Novice Learners will use our Instructional Engine for the most effective one-on-one learning possible,
  • Expert Learners will be able to use our Authoring Tool for learning high-level analytic/creative skills by rapid analysis and design of blueprint Content for novice learners,
  • Closing the loop of “design-learn-design” creates an exponential snowball-like effect in Organization’s Knowledge Accumulation, sharing and learning, and improves the bottom line.


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