Our Adaptive Deep Learning (+Tutoring+Authoring) Platform is a BREAKTHROUGH in modern instructional design and adaptive blended learning for personalized education. It delivers not just a service, but a new culture, general model, unified content framework, authoring tool, learner model and run-time engine for building and running modern learning ecosystems to deal with EXPONENTIALLY growing human experience.

The platform shapes, drives, and accelerates a loop of:

  • Scientifically Serious yet Practically Rapid Analysis and Design of high quality adaptive blended Content by a crowd of authors generously paid on the shared revenue basis;
  • The most effective personalized adaptive learning intelligently supervised by our automatic recommendation engine using a learner’s personal dynamically updated profile;
  • Learning of high-level analytic and creative skills by Rapid Analysis and Design of Activities by learners themselves supported with our Authoring Tool under experts-authors supervision;
  • Snowball-like growth, improvement, and updating of the Content by a crowd of engaged authors including successful learners
  • Creating adaptive Content of any complexity based upon simple unified frameworks, media templates, patterns, and examples.

Learners can enjoy unified content organization, learn things holistically in their essential relations, learn how to learn better, and drive their learning.

The Adaptive Deep Learning-Tutoring-Authoring Platform supports:
1. Rapid collaborative Analysis and Design of Dynamically Adaptive Blended Courses with:

  • Hierarchy of Learning Activities unlimited in-depth and width
  • Simple unified Framework for any Learning Activity on any level of the hierarchy
  • Rapid design of Content blueprints by filling in the simple Activity Framework
  • Automatic verification of cross-consistency and sufficiency of the course blueprint
  • Test-drive of the Content/Course blueprint on our Instructional Engine for quality assurance on early stage
  • Reuse or (outsourced) development of interactive multimedia Content on any other tool.

2. The Most Effective Personal Dynamically Adaptive Learning process with:

  • options to self-drive, to make recommendations or a flexible mix of both
  • a full set of the active intervention modes: adaptive blended learning, adaptive testing, adaptive root-cause diagnosing and precise remediation starting from roots of detected learning problems
  • adaptive recommending an intervention mode: learning, testing, root-cause diagnosing or remediation
  • adaptive recommending the next learning activity/task (presentation, question, exercise) in any current mode of the active intervention
  • monitoring learner’s performance and providing performance feedback,
  • assessing the current achievement of the objectives and providing achievement feedback,
  • letting the learner freedom to override the automatic system’s recommendations.

3. Learning High-Level Skills by letting a learner analyze and design Activities with:

  • filling in the simple unified framework of an Activity with learner’s content
  • automatic verification of cross-consistency and cross-sufficiency of entered content
  • automatic feedback and prompting the next steps in learning Activities design.

So, our platform unleashes the power of snowball learning, where a crowd of learners can gradually (1) learn available Content, (2) enhance available Content, (3) participate in creating or create a new Content for other learners and (4) earn some money on the revenue sharing basis. Altogether it raises learners’ motivation, confidence, and overall happiness.

We do consult, bring CLARITY, and impose an Order on the existing Chaos of Adaptive Personalized Learning.

Now, after What, let us take a look at HOW


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