7K0A0879wOur Instructional/Tutoring Engine, loaded/associated with blended Content and your personal Learner Profile will automatically generate your full-fledged, dynamically adaptive Tutoring of high quality to assure your learning progress, challenging difficulty and practice/test spacing to re-enforce your new knowledge/skills.

  • it automatically generates the competence/proficiency-based instruction,
  • it supports “learning from mistakes” (inevitable in challenging tasks) by automatic detecting learning problems and starting root-cause diagnosing, which gradually narrows your attention down to roots and induces that exciting “Aha” moments when you fix your error by yourself or provides precise remediation to help you fix it and assure 100% success,
  • the engine will clarify your learning subject with visually structured Activities and Tasks aligned to your Objectives,
  • you will enjoy learning Activities, Objectives and Tasks integrated together as a whole and reinforcing each other, not just  a set of (or a path through) disconnected pieces, objects, concepts, …,
  • you will see a systemic picture of your subject matter in its essential interrelations to anticipate, understand and master the structure of new specific knowledge,
  • it will visualize your learning process with dynamic displaying your current proficiency through Objectives, selecting Tasks/Activities targeted to your not-yet-achieved Objectives and personal preferences,
  • it will shape and improve your self-driven (but often wild 🙂 ) learning experience with a scientifically proven adaptive supervision to be the most effective, optimally challenging and successful,
  • you will learn your best by following (or just taking into account) recommendations generated by the Engine in real-time based upon your own dynamically updated personal Learner Profile (Competence/Proficiency-based learning). So, you learn how to learn better.
  • for active learning, use our Tutoring Engine’s controls for driving learning on your own,
  • for creative learning, use our Authoring Tools for analyzing, revising, recreating, verifying and test-driving any Activity under your study,
  • for the best creative learning, top your learning of the subject by improving existing and/or rapid design of new Content with our Authoring Tool,  automatically verify it, validate it through peer/expert/teacher reviewing, and use it to teach others with our Tutoring Engine,
  • by this way, our platform may transform you, the learners, into creative authors, who produce adaptive learning Content for effective mastery of that exponentially growing world knowledge,
  • so, our platform not only allows you to learn by the most effective way, but also allows you to share what you get with others by the most effective way,
  • Indeed, future students and teachers could be one and the same, interchangeably student and teacher,
  • after successful completion of paid courses, you could earn a return by the rapid design of adaptive Content for other learners like you (and to develop entrepreneurial skills)

Here is Brandon Hall’s forecast for 2016 in Learning and Development field:
“User-generated content for learning will grow exponentially. There will be more content generated by users and the internet than what companies can produce on their own; organizations will need to hold learning summits with users to agree on what blend of user and corporate generated content will be the right mix to drive learning; “SMEs will have to yield to Mayors of Four Square” on who has the best knowledge vantage point – the expert or the employee.” We made it come true.


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