Pandemic Spike In AI Learning–and What It Means For Schools

Dear reader,

I hope you are well and curious. Let me share with you some trends I found in the Forbes post with the same title. Below is my quote from the post linked above. I emphasized the part of the text in Italic as the most important for my message to you.

“Lessons for High Schools and Community Colleges 

The tech learning space is shifting fast with big implications for high schools and colleges. 

An introduction to coding and computer science can be valuable for all learners. Going beyond an introduction to building pathways that reliably result in high wage employment is a dynamic challenge—both in identifying locally relevant skills and in staffing courses. Relying on a curriculum vendor for current content and staffing in traditional ways are no longer adequate solutions in many cases. 

Tech pathways are shifting to employer-down (back mapped from open jobs) rather than bottom-up (pick a degree and look for a job). They are increasingly inexpensive or debt-free, modular, asynchronous, and credentialed. The pathways may include degrees but that is becoming less important than verified skills and work product. 

For 16-24 year old learners, the support of an instructor and cohort is typically beneficial. But with so many industry provided or sponsored learning pathways, high schools and colleges can rethink delivery with blended competency-based pathways that incorporate instructor, peer and mentor supports. For this age group, successful work experiences can be as valuable as coursework—and some of those can be incorporated into credit and evidence records.     

Pathway partnerships with employers and education providers (which are increasingly the same entity) are critical for high school and colleges to be able to offer relevant learning sequences that are modular, applied, and competency-based. 

Helping young people make informed choices between dynamic pathways, in ways that match interests and local opportunities, is becoming more important but more challenging. An industry advisory board can be helpful in localizing and personalizing guidance.”

The trends I see are as follows.

1. AI Learning is getting and will be very popular

2. It is about direct targeting jobs that are on high demand

3. It is about developing learning pathways to those jobs and their personalization for higher effectiveness of learning

iTutorSoft’s Learning/Authoring platform enforces all those trends.

1. It is AI-based and teaches students how to learn the most effectively. Every Student Succeeds.

2. It supports designers in the systematic analysis of jobs and precision design of required courseware. It is Learning Engineering, dear reader!

3. It automates generating the most effective personal pathways to the targeted jobs in real-time of learning from the courseware.

So, it looks like great timing for iTutorSoft and our partnership!
Would you agree?


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