What is a learning architect?

“When building a house, one often turns to a traditional architect for assistance. The architect initially meets with the client to gain a thorough understanding of the project. With an eye on the big picture, he or she focuses on the challenges and goals that inform the assignment and envisions possibilities. The architect works closely with the client when drafting ideas, employing a collaborative and iterative process. When the final design is chosen, the architect serves as the liaison with the skilled craftspeople tasked with building the structure.

In the L&D field, the learning architect adopts a similar role and brings similar expertise to the table. Like a traditional architect, a learning architect possesses the requisite design know-how, but is also a strategic partner dedicated to helping the L&D leader develop and execute a sound, cost-effective plan. The learning architect is a problem solver, with strong consulting and project management skills. He or she is a skilled communicator with a flexible and agile approach. Finally, he or she has a solid understanding of analytics and can interpret data that will ultimately form the foundation for future projects”.

You are welcome to read more from this article, but it does not provide a solution of the problem.

Sure, learning architects are absolutely necessary for modern Enterprise Learning. But knowledge of behavioral psychology, learning design, and analytics are not enough to do this job. Learning architects are supposed to fill the talent gap between business executives and instructional designers, connect business with learning, reveal required learning from necessary business change, and evaluate impact of a learning project on business indicators. No human is able to do it without a new culture supported with a new smart tool.

We, at iTutorSoft, have developed such a tool. It supports all above mentioned functions, as well as design of Enterprise Adaptive Learning. Read more.


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