Corporate Learning Engineering

Corporate Tools may include quite different systems such as Change Management, Talent Management, Performance Management, Competency Management, Learning Management, Content Management, Learning Records Stores, Analytics, …

Tools Interoperability represents a real problem. Some solutions are IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), APIs, and xAPI

xAPI. In general, xAPI reflects an empiric nature of Learning Sciences, shares with them a Bottom-Up approach, and allows recording each learner’s performances (not really holistic experiences).  Performance records (mostly about completion) can be analyzed by instructors manually and/or use Analytic Tools for revealing some relations, generating insights, and making decisions about the improvement of content. Instructors are supposed to become researchers, which is no good (overload, amateurism).

So, xAPI is all about recording and using history of learner’s performance.

iTutorSoft. We develop a real-time Adaptive Instructional Platform. We can use externally available historic xAPI records and Analytics, for example, for evaluation of each learner’s background, but we do not actually need historic records for generating a real-time learning process.

Our approach is quite different. It is a Top-Down approach, the essence of Learning Engineering. We apply general interdisciplinary theories (such as Systems, Control, and Activity Theories, and AI) to derive a unified frame/network of goal-oriented human activity. Instructional Designers can use our authoring tool to fill in this frame/network with learning specifics and construct a formalized holistic model (not just some insights) of Learning Experience (Courseware), which is understandable by humans/instructors and machines/computers. Computers can use that Learning Experience Model for automatic generating of instructional processes. Being added with a computer-readable and updatable Learner Model, computers can generate the most effective Adaptive Personalized Instruction at scale.

Moreover, our unified frame/network can represent not only the Learning Experience but also Professional and Corporate Experiences, as well as integrate them together. Such an integrated Corporate/Professional/Learning Experience Model allows supporting inferences, such as

  • evaluate impact of a learning unit on professional competences and to corporate goals
  • derive necessary learning from desired competencies, jobs, corporate goals and change.

Conclusion. iTutorSoft platform can do the following

  • generate the most effective Adaptive Personalized Instruction at scale targeted on predefined Professional Competencies, Roles, and Corporate Goals,
  • represent a common ground of many Corporate Tools (see above), unify them, integrate, and solve the huge interoperability problem.

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