Education Strategic Model First

This post is my feedback on the article

There is nothing wrong with research to test and verify what works, including research of blended and personalized learning.

There is nothing wrong with the research process, which involves identifying a problem to solve, studying academic literature related to that problem, developing detailed and context-specific descriptions of the problem, prototyping solutions, seeking focused feedback, revising solutions, testing solutions, and then scaling and automating solutions that prove successful. Becides a fact that is pretty obvious.

What I cannot accept here is a strategy of innovation: a problem by problem. It looks like a patching of existing obsolete system, not its holistic structural redesign.

The strategy has to include an innovative holistic vision first, then a holistic education model, and only after that its developing: part by part as it described above.
Absence of such a strategy is a root of most educational problems, patching, cycling, etc.

We have that strategic model of education and we use it to derive and define all parts and interrelations of our CLARITY platform level by level, step by step.


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